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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. police are investigating the deaths of two people, they were neighbors. and two men killed in two separate incidents, we have more on what investigators are saying now. are we going to double down on the policies that got us into this mess? find out who came out the winner in the overnight polls. ktvu channel 2 morning news
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continues. let's check weather, steve is here, you will notice the difference the minute you walk out side. >> we still had some 90s but the coast, much of the bay cooled down. everybody did. if you are going out, there will be a lot of low clouds, upper temperatures are in the upper 50s and 60s and it will take us all the way inland, here is sal. traffic is coming in through san rafael and it looks good through the 580 interchange. and it is looking good over the high-rise and over to 101 and we have those bart problems and we have a reporter on the scene. let's go to dave and pam.
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if you ride bart, you may possibly be late for work, for school or if you are heading for fso, all level savage -- alex savage has more on the delays, what is going on, alex? >> reporter: the problem was one of the those maintenance trucks became disabled and it is just south between mcarthur and 19th avenue. that truck has since been cleared and you can see that train go by at a normal clip so the situation has been cleared and the damage has been done. i want to show you video from early on this morning. the maintenance truck was cleared about 5:15 between the mcarthur and 19th street station. there are still residual delays. most of those delays impacted from richmond to san francisco
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and to bay point. out here this morning we have seen workers who are walking up and down the tracks and it seems they are looking to make sure everything is okay because the maintenance trucks became stalled on the track this morning. as we come back out here live, we can show you another train moving at a good speed and what we had seen was when this truck was in the way, they were and coming by very slowly as they passed that truck. but the problem seems to be taken care of, but residual delays according to part. ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are investigating the overnight crash of an out of control truck on 880 in hayward. it happened north of jackson street. the people -- two people were trapped in the truck when emergency responders arrived. they complained of pain and
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required medical attention. this morning we are learning a marine has been arrested in connection with a double shooting. out in the neighborhood talking with people, they are where the shooting happened and claudine wong has new information between the suspect and the neighbor. >> reporter: this is where the shooting happened right here in the driveway. now let me show you the suspect's home, right across the street. this man has been identified as 65-year-old martin hogan. he grew up in hayward, graduated from high school, according to neighbors he a vietnam vet. neighbors say he is well-known and well-liked. >> reporter: do you know martin
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well? >> i see him, he comes around and we chat. >> reporter: what do you think about him? >> he seems like a nice person. everybody likes him. >> reporter: police are trying to make sense of what happened. he also it shot two people who sit with a good -- sat with a good friend and they hang out every day talking. >> they hang out every day talking garage is open all the time. >> reporter: after the shooting there was a 45 minute standoff and they convinced him to turn himself over to authorities and he is behind bars this morning. the victims are 50 and 58 years oil.
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one woman who used to try to figure out what is going on. we have nothing unfriendly and there is nothing that would make any sense of what happened here last night. still at the scene of a birthday party which later became the scene of a homicide scene. it was one of two murders last night in san jose. jeanine della vega is there to tell us what happened at that birthday party. they were all enjoying themselves and they are still looking for evidence which centers around the house where you see the light on. police tell us they were called to dover avenue near jackson after getting a report that a
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man was shot. the victim was attending a birthday party and he was standing outside tending to a barbecue when somebody approached him and opened fire. he then collapsed and died. >> >> all i was told is that they were gang bangers and they are the persons that commit the crimes in this neighborhood. the person who was killed was an older man with a kid and a wife. >> police have told us this fatal shooting does appear to be gang related. they have been canvassing the neighborhood trying to figure out what prompted the shooting. >> reporter: police believe the victim was the only one who saw
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the suspects but his friends who were out here claim he was not a gang banger and nobody out here was wearing gang colors. on the other side, another man was killed last night and in this case they were in downtown san jose. he was pronounce dead at 10:00 p.m. mitt romney delivered a solid debate in his first debate with president barack obama. >> i use that term with all respect... >> coming up at 6:12, we will go live to denver and hear more on how they challenged each other on healthcare taxes and the deficit. blue angels will be here this afternoon. news chopper 2 was here when they arrived in the bay area on
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tuesday. at 12:30 they are scheduled to hold a practice flight over the building and you fans can meet the pilots at pier 39 which starts at 7:15. you can get the rest of all of this. look at the hot topic section right there on the home page. sal? >> i am just on the phone with bart. >> she said -- the nice lady, deborah, thank you very much. >> hold on, please, i am on television. >> i wanted to hear what she was saying. she said that the bart delays are spreading out and they should be gone in an hour or so. she was telling me that the bart delays are still 20
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minutes and now tapes are moving at full speed and some are delayed as much as 20 - 30 minutes. i just got the rundown, and all level savage is on this story. we got some pictures from the maintenance vehicle right near the mcarthur steaks that caused the problem. let's go to the bay bridge. we were worried about -- you know people are worried about hearing about these delays and getting in their car and it doesn't look like that is happening. trains are still moving. a lot of people go to bart and they don't even know when it is supposed to come. this is not like it was when bart had that fire. and the bay bridge does not look that bad. let's look at 880 north, that traffic is moving well getting up passed the coliseum.
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livermore valley is slowing as you come through dublin. let's go to steve. skies were clear, there was a little bit of fog near monterey, pacific grove, finally took the turn started moving towards the pacific coast and they were notably cooler and that changes today. san francisco is going from hot to cool just two days ago, 94 degrees in san francisco, today we are going 62 and that's a big drop. it took forever and september was foggy, we have some warm temperatures and we are back into the gray. we will go 75 and 79 today in san jose, 76 today. 50s and 60s, temperatures are stuck most locations and i don't think we'll see much of a change, southwest, gusts at 33, west of concord, napa, even all
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the way out to the delta and sacramento valley and that tells us things are changing. our key is this little low right there and it is moving towards us and probably will not be over until sunday. they will take it topped out on tuesday and we will continue that so 60 -- 50s 60s and 70s and 80s, also eastern contra costa county and santa clara valley into the 70s for most and 70s on the peninsular and low-to-mid 50s and 60s. probably mostly cloudy and local drizzle that gets through. parks and -- partly cloudy skies cool and breezy. they have come in now, what was tested and how this may answer questions about a
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missing man. what is going to happen to the decorated police officer caught on video punching a woman at a parade. ñçbñ [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing.
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online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. . time now 6:15, he punched a woman in the face and i have to warn you this video is hard to
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face. he punched a woman in the face after sunday's puerto ricoian parade. they suspended this high ranking police officer with intent to dismiss him. he is now one of several accused of misconduct in just a few months. they caused a hostile environment for uc berkeley -- jewish students at uc berkeley. they say apart tied weekend couraged antisemitic hate speech and they say that they are constitutionally protected speeches. governor romney's central economic plan calls for a 5 trillion-dollar tax cut on top of that. >> i don't have a tax cut, i
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don't have a tax cut. >> and last night's presidential debate, they traded jabs on everything from healthcare to tax cuts. >> polls show it was a good night for mitt romney. ken joins us this morning live with more reaction, good morning, ken. >> reporter: if you look at the polls those people who were watching the debate last night felt governor romney won this very first round. we were here at the university of denver in an outside area where students and faculty were watching this debate outside in the cold and that sound bite you just played concerning the 5 trillion-dollar tax cut held people off guard making the claim on governor mitt romney he wanted to cut taxes by $5 trillion and to hear mitt romney flat out denied that is
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what he wanted to do in the debate last night. he mentioned some of the polling -- now the people we spoke to students and faculty came in supporting the faculty and they came in and said their candidate won and it was for telling of some of the polls after the debate many of the president barack obama supporters, there were several of them felt this debate was a tie. it shows a wide victory in terms of what people thought and 67% felt he fared better and it is just as interesting both candidates were tied in likability following that debate in the cnn poll which may be significant for mitt romney considering he came out swinging against the president and still was able to maintain likability numbers. of course the real question is
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will they manifest themselves in the poles of what we may see in the coming days about who registered voters will like to see for the president and they affected those poles. back to you. ken pritchard, it's nice to have an update from him this morning there. dna matched the discovery of a foot to a missing san bruno camper. he disappeared in march after hiking along a passive -- pacific beach. tests on the limb match the man and there is still a remote possibility that he is still alive. they own the peak and they tell us about the latest plans for that site. they want to open the 18,000 acres near the summit for psych
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letters -- motorcyclists and horseback riders. the citizen support keeping the old building known as the cube but the cost of maintenance is very heavy on the minds of all the people in that area. >> i'm sure. 19 minutes after 6:00 let's go back over to sal for traffic, sal? we are still following the bart delays and they are getting better and they are there throughout the system but they are getting better at this hour. let's look at the freeway le ar no major problems, there will be a little bit of a delay. san francisco, northbound 101 traffic, that is moving along well along the split. if you are driving in livermore to caster valley, there is a minor accident near the 680
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change. 6 -- interchange, 6:20, let's go to steve. it was picked up to about noon to 12:00. there is a lot of fog which moved up and down the coast. also those of you by the coast almost saw a 30 degrees drop to 50s and 60s and temperatures will extend well inland. high pressure has lost its grip. the blue angels, set clear skies and low clouds up around 2000 and we should get some breaks in that, they will be with us probably saturday and cool so take a jacket. 50s and 60s on the temperatures and the breeze has picked up and we have had 33 out to the delta from the golden gate bridge and everything points
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towards the sea breeze building up with him, trying to connect with him on north dakota. high temperatures and that tells you the cooling and san leandro right at 70, 76 santa clara, san jose 77, 60 half- moon bay 60 in the city, menlo park as well. cooling continues and we will bottom out on saturday and we'll see better conditions on the coast but partly cloudy cool and breezy. ceo mark zuckerberg announced he has more than 1 billion active users a month. he is updating his status facebook page and that's good for what facebook has been suffering lately.
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. they beat them 12-5 and the victory on the final day capped one of the greatest come backs in baseball history. at one time the as trailed by 13 games. >> they never give up. >> we are just so happy to be
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here. >> success on the field is loading 700 division championships and they were sold out in minutes and they are expected -- [ technical difficulties, stand by ] [ audio problems ] giants are getting ready for the weekend and catcher buster posey is having a batting title. they won for the first time in 70 years. he may even win most valuable player award. they will be there 7:30 at at&t park. we are getting more crowded and you will see traffic coming through. also as you drive through,
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we'll see 680 has a minor crash. let's go to steve. we have gone to hot and much, much cooler and we will find more 70s. a vallejo man accused of shooting his neighbor and we will find out about the suspect's history. and we will talk about san francisco, we will tell you about the problem on the tracks and what has since taken place.
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. over on the nasdaq, it is a
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company based out of florida. and over on the new york stock exchange, you might be sitting in a steel chair, they have 100 years there and we will have all the business news coming up. thank you for joining us on the morning news, i am dave clark. >> time now 6:30 we begin with developing news and sal has first told you about it, they are experiences systemwide delays. they have a problem which disrupted service to fso, alex? they are experiencing 40 minute delays that head to the east bay and that will be the pittsburgh bay point line to fso and also the mill line and that's all because of a problem that happened on this sex of
6:32 am
track. this was blocking right near the mcarthur station. trains are still backed up and everything started at 4:30 this morning. this is a work vehicle that rides on the bart train and for some reason it slowed down the bart trains trying to get through this particular train in oakland. they had to be called in to remove that stalled work truck. this vehicle that was called out, it was carrying replacement rails and it is still unclear why this vehicle got stuck and they came in after coming in they inspected the lines and at this point they are experiencing some residual delays for the east bay into san francisco as a
6:33 am
result of this truck that became stalled out. it is unclear how long these delays may last up to 40 minutes delays on those particular lines. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. two men are dead and it all started as a dispute between neighbors. here is more on what she knows about the victims and the suspected shooter. >> reporter: everybody involved is pretty well-known in the neighborhood and take look behind me, that is where the shooting happened. neighbors tell us there was a couple and they are just kind of hanging out and the suspect's house was there and they have marine stickers and they are parked in the driveway and they are learning they
6:34 am
apparently got along and were seen quite a bit. we have a look at the suspect, he is originally from hayward, he is a marine back in the late 60s. he served in vietnam and he was a long time resident often seen walking his dog and something went wrong. police say around 6:00, he walked out of his house, walked across the street with a gun, they heard 6 to 8 shots fired and two people were hit. there was then a 45 minute standoff with police and police convinced him to come out and turn himself in and neighbors say nothing of this makes any sense. >> he was just a very, very nice guy. he walked up and -- walked his dog up and down the street. he was always socialable and he was just a nice guy and i just
6:35 am
can't believe it. >> she said she heard about the shooting lives a couple blocks away. she said her mother used to live a few doors down and she said he always looked out for her as did the victims across the street. there is a lot of confusion as to what could have led to this violence out here in this quiet neighborhood. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are looking into a suspicious man, they delayed trains during rush hour yesterday afternoon. news chopper two says where it happened. they became aggressive when a sheriff's deputy approached. they began picking up things off the ground possibly to use weapons. >> at some point he was armed
6:36 am
with either a rock or roxanne possibly a metal spike. he reportedly showed threatening behavior. police say he is 29 years old and his injuries are not life- threatening. police are investigating whether he was mentally ill or under the influence of drugs. they are coming under very heavy scrutiny. they -- scrutiny -- scrutiny. they are accusing them of failing to put reforms in place. they are responding to an occupied response in city hall last october and they studied a report that concluded there were not enough officers to handle that confrontation. they have more on the fatal shooting for alan blueford.
6:37 am
the department released several reports from police officers, crime scene technicians and coroner's office. alan blueford was holding a gun or was reaching for it when he shot and killed him. he had a camera on his uniform but we don't know if he had turned it on. they recovered a gun near alan blueford's body and reportedly there was an ammunition clip with his thumb print on it. what you did instead was to push through a plan without a single republican vote. >> over the past two years, healthcare premiums have gone up... >> we will go live to denver and hear why it is a victory for mitt romney. turkey approved the victory of military operations in syria and all of this comes as turkey
6:38 am
continues to shell syrian targets near their border. an aid to the prime minister said it is a response to a mortgager attack that -- mortar attack that left five women dead. it's not a declaration of war. it is merely a warning. they will take their post as the catholic archbishop today. he will be install near st. mary's cathedral. he was a supporter of same sex marriage ban and they are now protesting outside the church. let's see what is going on outside the toll plaza. it is getting more crowded and we have been watching those bart delays and we have a big backup and i'm not sure if bart delays have anything to do with it and you will be waiting for
6:39 am
a good long time trying to get on to the bridge and once you make it, he will be waiting for a big commute. they are now approaching the 880 split. i want to mention, a couple of cars, one car is off the roadway and it is causing a backup object the freeway and -- back up on the freeway and it is normally slow here anyway but it will add just a few minutes to your commute. we have a lot of slow traffic on capital expressway coming through this area, let's go to steve. the clouds are lifting around 1900 feet so it is not down on the deck and it was yesterday, starting to move into monterey bay, then moved up the coast, still had 90s and temperatures drop once the fog made it up the coast, santa
6:40 am
cruz dropped almost 30 degrees and it is moving well, well inland. temperatures are taking place well in by the coast and in september we had a lot of cool temperatures and we warmed up rapidly. 94 tuesday, 74 yesterday and 72 today. not only that but inland temperatures are joining in on the party. san jose 89 yesterday, 76 today and santa rosa 75 degrees. we have more on the current even though we have a robust strong breeze out to the delta. this low is on its way increasing fog and it will give us some partly cloudy sides. highs 60s and 70s for many.
6:41 am
the west wind is going to be cooler. 60s and 70s and very low 80s. tomorrow we settle in to the 70s. cooling continues and we level off, clouds are clear still partly cloudy skies and breezy. jet blue, how you can win a trip out of the country but it depends on who you vote for in the upcoming election. >> this morning in san jose, police are investigating the 36th homicide of the year and we will tell you about the chaos that erupted at a birthday celebration. good morning, eastbound highway 4, we will give you a rundown on all the troubled spots, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. good morning, lots of low clouds, 60s and 70s for most. good morning, steve, here is a look at some of the top stories we are following for you, bart had systemwide delays, just awhile ago, a maintenance vehicle broke down on the tracks in oakland and while that vehicle has been moved out, there is still some
6:45 am
residual delays. you may run into it and however, bart says service is picking back up again. a double shooting may have started as a dispute between neighbors. two people were arguing on soap stone way when wee they were reportedly confronted with a gun. that person was a u.s. marine and vietnam war veteran. the blue angels will be flying over holding their second practice run before this weekend's big air show. tonight they will be able to meet at pier 39 at 7:15. a "c" nbc poll said mitt romney out performed president barack obama. sandra endo joins us from denver with a recap of the
6:46 am
reaction and analysis, sandra? mitt romney certainly came out strong in last night's first showdown but it shows among voters who watched the debate says mitt romney won versus 2 5% for president barack obama. the first presidential debate focused on domestic issues. >> i like the fact my state we have republicans and democrats come and work together. what you did instead was to push through without a single republican vote. >> well, healthcare premiums have gone up slower than any in the last few years. >> i put a 4 trillion-dollar deficit reduction plan. >> my specific principal is there will be no tax cut that
6:47 am
adds to the deficit. >> it's not possible to come up with enough loopholes to avoid either raising the deficit or burden ending the middle-class. it is mad. >> look at the evidence of the last four years. it is extraordinary. we have 23 million people out of work. >> it was high on energy, particularly from mitt romney. >> he seized upon that opportunity and he set the standard for it. i didn't think the president was rusty so much as i don't think anybody has ever spoken to him like that over the last four years. >> the real test comes on november 6th. >> now the next debate takes place in new york and the third one is at the end of the month in florida and they square off
6:48 am
next week in kentucky. and doctor endo -- sandra endo, ktvu channel 2 morning news, back to you. they say they will leave the country if the other guy wins, it will include which candidate and it will be eligible for a free round trip ticket for one of jet blues international destinations. they reportedly killed a man outside the scene of a birthday party. live on the avenue and you have new information from the police, what are they saying. >> we have more information about the victim. he was shot in the chest right here in this front yard. police say he was barbecuing outside this front house where he was ambushed by the shooter.
6:49 am
police have been at the scene since 12:30 and they got a call on east san jose. about 10 people were attending a birthday party when shots were fired outside the home. the victim who was shot walked into the home collapsed and died. he believes gang members were seen walking away and at this point he was seen with the shooter and at this point he was not the only shooter. >> he was not a gang banger, he was not somebody who would cause trouble with anybody. he was very funny very nice and char as matt particular. >> the -- charismatic. >> it appears this homicide is gang related and they are still
6:50 am
investigating. they have been talking to witnesses for the last several hours and gathering evidence to piece this all together. at this point nobody has been arrested and we do not have any description of the suspects. reporting live from east san jose, jeanine della vega back to you guys. he was in a fight at about 8:30 and was later pronounced dead at 10:00 p.m. bart, it -- sal, it is getting better with bart right, sal? >> yes, it is getting better and i want to tell you there is a problem on great america parkway. there is slow traffic and 101 itself is very slow not only due to this accident but all
6:51 am
the way up to 280 and 85 is also slow. downtown san jose is not bad. >> 880 northbound this traffic looks good driving passed the coliseum. a backup at the bridge, we have an earlier stalled vehicle, at 6:50 let's go to steve. we have gone from no fog to a lot of the fog, for others it has been over 30 miles per hour and there are a couple of components and we have some screaming problems with fleet week and we have sunny warm no clouds at all. that is not the case at all. they do burn off the back but it looks there is a much cooler pattern. what little there was, was held in check and not anymore.
6:52 am
it is up 2000 feet and it has flown over the coastal hills. 50s and 60s, anywhere you look, there was a breeze and they are reporting calm conditions. there is a low spinning for 10 days and we are increasing with a big cool down inland may be 15 to 20 degrees and it is not going anywhere any time soon, so much cooler and still some 80s at best but they are on their way out of here and we'll see nothing but 60s and 70s. we'll see a lot 15 to 20 degrees warmer and they continue cooling on saturday, they will hold things in check partly cloudy and breezy into monday. thieves breaking the heart of a little girl. what they stole from her and what is being done to get it
6:53 am
back. and baseball is taking a back seat to a tragedy for a pitcher and his wife. are you ready ?
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, retail
6:56 am
sales, a live look at the big bored, compass dow jones industrial average up 35 points and s&p 500 up as well. we have a family tragedy. he flew home for the birth of his new son and one day later, the baby died. no cause of death has been determined as of yet and the family is having a tough time. he sent out a tweet saying please pray for my family. my wife and i lost our son with no explanation only a day after he was born. they are pulling together to reunite a 10-year-old with her stolen puppy. he was taken on monday. there is a picture of the dog. police say they stole
6:57 am
electronics as well and jewelry. they have raised a $6,000 reward for the safe return and the little girl is offering the contents of her piggy spank for that -- bank for that reward. there were 77,000 initial claims. it was the biggest drop in claims since last week as the number of service industries went down. >> japanese clothing retailer is -- japanese clothing retailer will open in san francisco's union square and there is a kickoff which has hired hundreds of local workers. the new store is on ellis street. check it out if you can. let's see what is happening
6:58 am
in our commute, sal? in many places, the bay bridge has been backed up and it is backed up for a 20 minute delay. southbound on 101 and also 280 and 85. we are back into the gray for much of the coast and that means 50s 60s and 70s and very low 80s. it has been a bad morning for bart and in oakland, they are causing huge delays for thousands of riders. a neighborhood dispute led to the killings of two people, what we learned about the suspect, stay right here with us.
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